02/18/2014 04:05 EST | Updated 02/18/2014 04:59 EST

Coffee Crisp Recipes: 10 Ways To Make The Chocolate Bar Better

Coffee Crisp

Coffee Crisp may be celebrating its 75th birthday this year, but all we can think about is how to add more of the chocolate bar to cakes, cupcakes and essentially, every other dessert.

A treasured Canadian-only food (though you can Coffee Crisp online or in some parts of the U.S.), the 250 calorie chocolate bar is made with layers of vanilla wafer and coffee flavour topped with milk chocolate. Dating back to the '30s (1939 to be exact), the bar was fully entrenched in Candian culture by the '80s (you know, around the time when those "how do you like your coffee" commercials aired).

And over these 75 years, owner Nestlé Canada has created everything from fruit-flavoured Coffee Crisp bars like raspberry and orange to other limited edition flavours like french vanilla, mocha and cafe caramel. Honestly, the only collaboration that seems to be missing (read: what we're secretly hoping for) is a Tim Hortons and Coffee Crisp hybrid creation.

So instead of cutting a cake and blowing out candles, we're honouring this chocolate bar by sharing some of our favourite recipes. From breakfast to dessert, here are 10 ways to make Coffee Crisp even tastier.

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Mocha Coffee Crisp Ice Cream

Make your own ice cream, yes ice cream, and top it off with Coffee Crisp chocolate. Get the full recipe from Kelly Bakes here.

Coffee Crisp Fudge Brownies

When chocolate meets chocolate, we can only expect good things. This brownie recipe is also made with espresso powder and vanilla. Get the full recipe from More Sweet Please here.

Coffee Crisp Cupcakes

Instead of topping your chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles, try a chocolate bar instead. Get the full recipe from Joy's Cozy Oven here.

Coffee Crisp Birthday Shot

Mix in your favourite liqueurs with whipped cream and Coffee Crisp and you have yourself a birthday shot to remember. Get the full recipe here.

Coffee Crisp Cheesecake

A fun take on a typical plain cheesecake topped with chocolate sauce and Oreo cookie crumbs. Get the full recipe by Philly Canada here.

Coffee Crisp Pancakes

Dessert for breakfast? Yes please! Don't forget to layer your cakes with your favourite fruits too. Get the full recipe from Healthy Adjustments here.

Coffee Crisp Cake

Combine sour cream, chocolate and flour and you end up with this birthday cake creation. Get the full recipe here.

Peanut Butter Cookies With Coffee Crisp

What's better than just a plain old Coffee Crisp? One infused with peanut butter. This cookie recipe is made with brown sugar and lots and lots (okay maybe 1 1/4 cups) of peanut butter. Get the full recipe from Kitchen Karate here.

Coffee Crisp Truffles

The best thing about this truffle recipe? It takes 10 minutes. Get the full recipe here.

Coffee Crisp Cake with French Vanilla Frosting

Instead of using chocolate bars, this cake recipe uses Coffee Crisp milkshake instead. Get the full recipe from Love of Patisserie here.