02/18/2014 01:19 EST | Updated 02/18/2014 01:59 EST

Sid Seixeiro LOSES HIS MIND Over Ice Dancing Medals (VIDEO)

Still steaming over Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir's silver medal finish at the Olympics? You're not alone.

Sportsnet host Sid Seixeiro absolutely blew his lid on Monday's "Tim and Sid" show after the Canadian darlings came second to Americans Meryl Davis and Charlie White in ice dancing.

But while Virtue and Moir are wondering where their coach's loyalty truly lay (they shared coach Marina Zoueva with the Americans), Seixeiro questioned ice dancing's very legitimacy as an Olympic sport and wondered why it has a place in the Games, while golf, baseball and MMA don't.

He brought up a report in the French magazine L'Equipe which alleged that there was an ice dance judging conspiracy to award the U.S. gold in the pairs event in exchange for helping the Russians in the team event (they took gold, too).

In Seixeiro's own words:

"It happened! What the report says was going to happen just happened! United States won gold in ice dancing! Russia won gold in the team event! And these idiots are trying to ram down our throats that this isn't the most corrupt thing I've seen since 'The Godfather, Part II'! This is ridiculous!”

Toronto Star columnist Rosie DiManno took the rhetoric a few steps further (as she will):

"Strip away the sequins, wipe off the pancake makeup, delete the frozen-in-place smiles, and what’s left is a tawdry whore of a sport where the judges are the johns."

For its part, the IOC has refused to investigate any reports of a deal between judges, with spokesman Mark Adams saying he has found no evidence for the claim.

But a number of Twitter users still felt that Virtue and Moir should have taken the gold:

Do YOU think the ice dancing medals were fixed?

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