02/19/2014 04:41 EST | Updated 04/21/2014 05:59 EDT

When pigs float: police dump carcass into river to get idea how bodies travel

SASKATOON - RCMP officers have dumped a pig carcass into the South Saskatchewan River to try to get a better sense of how a body moves in the current.

The pig was sent packing in Saskatoon with a tracking device.

It's hoped that the data will help the RCMP's historical case unit better understand how fast and far a body travels before it comes to rest.

Cpl. Tyler Hadland says Mounties expect to recover the brightly coloured orange pig during the summer.

Police also sent a pig down the North Saskatchewan River in North Battleford last fall.

It only got about 20 kilometres downstream before it got snagged.

Hadland says Saskatoon's 82-kilogram porker should make it further.

"It's really conceivable that it will travel a further distance ... flow rates this year are a lot higher ... so that is going to be a contributing factor," he said Wednesday when the pig was launched from the Saskatoon Racing and Canoe Club site.

A pig is a good animal to use for the experiment, Hadland added.

"It doesn't have very much hair or fur or anything that may contribute or factor into where it gets hung up."