02/20/2014 04:25 EST | Updated 02/20/2014 04:59 EST

Calgary Stolen, Tied Dog Report 'Inconsistent': Police


Calgary police say they're no longer investigating a claim of a dog reported to be stolen and found hogtied in an alley, citing "significant and unexplained inconsistencies."

Alyssa Hatfield and her fiancé Cameron Edmonds filed the complaint with police earlier this month, after Edwards claimed their Akita-Husky cross, Radar, was taken from the backyard of their Whitehorn home and found in a nearby alley several hours later. She reported that the animal's legs were bound with rope and muzzled with a belt.

Staff Sgt. Brad Moore told reporters Thursday police had interviewed Edmonds, as well as people living in the area, and found no evidence of the alleged dog-napping.

"We found no bindings, no rope, no belts in that area," he said, adding that there were no footprints leading into the couple's backyard.

There were also inconsistencies in Radar's condition, said Moore.

"No missing teeth, no missing fur, no rope burns in which the veterinarians say would be consistent with this type of incident."

Hatfield told Metro Calgary she could provide proof of Radar's vet bills at two separate clinics and said Radar had been suffering from seizures since the incident. However, she confirmed veterinarians found no physical injuries.

"I wouldn’t make this up,” Hatfield told Metro. “I feel like we’re being told that we’re lying."

Investigators say their focus has shifted to an online fundraising campaign designed to collect money for Radar's vet care. As of Thursday morning, the Indiegogo campaign had raised $1,745 – surpassing the $1,100 goal.

Police said another person started the fundraising campaign for the couple, reported Global News. Investigators are looking at having the money returned to donors.

The complaint in Whitehorn came a week after an emaciated Siberian Husky and kitten were found dead in an alley, muzzled with clear tape. That investigation is ongoing.

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