02/21/2014 15:56 EST | Updated 04/23/2014 05:59 EDT

8 awesome Russian grocery store finds

Whenever I travel to a country for the first time, one of my favourite things to do is visit the grocery store.

I'm always mesmerized with the household items that are completely foreign to me.

And Russian grocery stores have more than delivered their fair share of fascination to my Western eyes.

So I thought I'd invite you to come along on a trip to a Russian supermarket and share some of the curious products I've found on the shelves!

1. Kosmostars
You've seen the Sochi bear... now meet space bear! This cereal now features an all-new moon shape.


2. Ice Cream
In Russia ice cream is sold in a plastic tube.

To Western eyes, this may seem odd. But, I think the Russian have something here. I mean, how much wasted space is taken up in your freezer with half full ice cream tubs?

Too much.

Russia has this one figured out.

3. Can of cow? or can of pig?
I wasn't bold enough to buy these an find out what was actually inside.


4. Is that cat milk?!?
OK, I get it. Cats like milk. So a happy cat logo is supposed to mean something along the lines of,"If your cat loves it, so will you!"

But when it's only the shelf over from another brand with cow on the carton, I immediately think one is milk from a cow, and the other is from a cat. Am I wrong?

For the record, I did purchase the cat brand and it tasted fine, but I was unable to confirm which animal the liquid actually came from.

5. Sunflower Seeds
Are these two seeds on the package supposed to be dating?

What exactly is going on here?

6. Crab flavoured chips
Finally someone has combined the ocean taste of crab with potatoes! Maybe this is Russia's answer to our Ketchup flavoured chips? 


7. Cheap Vodka
These vodkas are the equivalent of what we'd call "depanneur wine" in Montreal (it ain't pretty but it'll get the job done).
I love the labels.

8. Greatest beer can art ever?  

The crown jewel: a beer with the picture of a Russian hockey player lacing up the skate of a fallen figure skater while two Canadians look on. 

It works on so many levels.

This one is coming home with me.