Canada USA Hockey Semi Finals: This Is How Canada Watches The Game

There's just something about hockey that brings Canadians together, and when we win a semi-final game against our perpetual rivals, the U.S., that 1-0 victory feels 10 times better.

Canada's men's hockey team's win over the U.S. on Friday was celebrated with cheers, beers and a lot of us being unproductive while missing an hour of work.

Dressed in red, white and maple leaves all over, Canadians gathered in schools, offices, bars and couches to cheer our men to victory. And while yesterday's gold win for the women's hockey team brought an overload of chants, high-fives and on-air freak outs, we can only expect Sunday's men's final hockey game at 7 a.m. to be just as exciting.

Bring it on, Sweden!

Here are some of the best pictures of fans cheering for Team Canada. Send us yours at