02/21/2014 09:00 EST | Updated 04/23/2014 05:59 EDT

TTC rider contest aims to capture Toronto's 'crush hour'

An advocacy group for TTC riders has launched a social media photo contest aimed at capturing the level of overcrowding on Toronto's buses, streetcars and subway trains.

The #TTCSardines awards calls on passengers to share their photos of passengers packed — like sardines in a tin — into overcrowded TTC vehicles and stations, particularly during the morning commute.

The TTC is struggling with overcrowding on many of its routes. Subway lines regularly operate at or above capacity during rush hour, a problem that has highlighted the call for a new downtown relief line (DRL).

There is currently no funding in place for the DRL, which TTC boss Andy Byford has identified as a priority.

“If you’re tired of being sardined on the TTC then get out your cellphone, take a picture, and share the frustration of your overcrowded ride with the rest of us sardines,” said TTCriders co-chair Jessica Bell.

The best photo submitted by transit users will win the "Sardine Award" which the TTC Riders group plans to present to a TTC "decision maker," yet to be named.

The contest wraps up March 5, about the time the provincial budget is released.

TTC users can enter the competition by sharing their photos with via facebook,email and Tumblr.

Twitter users can also enter their pics by using the #TTCsardines hashtag or mentioning @ttcriders.

Below is a selection of some of the pictures Tweeted this week using the #TTCsardines hashtag.