02/23/2014 08:35 EST | Updated 02/23/2014 08:59 EST

Lip Dub Proposal Video Will Make You Believe In Romance

It's going to be hard to top this one. Alex Chuang wanted to propose to his girlfriend Susie in a big way, so the B.C. man enlisted the help of 80 of their friends.

Chuang made a lip dub proposal video to the song "Yes To Love" by Stefano. The video has an "Alice In Wonderland" theme and is filmed from the perspective of unsuspecting Susie.

In between the cute choreography (featuring some of their local friends and filmed in Richmond's Minoru Park), footage featuring friends and family from around the world is shown. Each person holds a sign that says, "Say yes."

"I've always wanted to do something special for Susie," Chuang told The Huffington Post B.C. "A few years ago she mentioned how cool she thinks lip dubs are, so I decided to produce one with all her friends in it."

On Saturday, Chuang told Susie they were going to Vancity Theatre to see a private screening of Captain America 2. But when they got there, he surprised her with the lip dub video.

Is your heart exploding yet?

The Richmond couple met seven years ago (they are both 25 now) over Facebook. One of Chuang's friends posted a photo album that had Susie in it. He saw her and knew he had to make contact.

"I poked her," he said. The rest, you could say, is Facebook movie history.

The lip dub part of the proposal took Chuang about three weeks to make (he came up with the idea and filmed it back in August).Then he started to collect footage from all of their friends around the world.

Making sure his beloved stayed in the dark, was, he said, the most challenging part. "For the past seven months, all our friends have had to keep this a secret."

As if the proposal wasn't surprise enough, Chuang topped off the day having an engagement party all ready to go.

Prior to the big question, Chuang said he was nervous "not because she might say no, but because we, as a couple, are taking a giant step towards the next chapter of our life. Like the song's lyrics, 'The best days of my life are all ahead, 'Cause we both said yes to love.'"

Watch the video, which has been edited to include Susie's reaction, above (spoiler alert: she says yes). And then go kiss someone you love!

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