02/24/2014 12:36 EST | Updated 02/24/2014 12:59 EST

Bieber Offered A Plea Deal He Could Refuse (Reportedly Over Random Drug Testing)

He had people protesting a possible move to their neighborhood, became the viral consolation prize for an Olympic men's hockey game and was offered a plea deal which looks like he'll reject. In other words just another typical weekend for Justin Bieber.

TMZ reported on Saturday Bieber was offered a plea bargain regarding charges laid against him earlier this year in Miami Beach. The deal reportedly had prosecutors dropping charges of driving under the influence as well as resisting arrest charges. In exchange they would order the singer to plead no contest to reckless driving, attend a course on alcohol education, attend a "victim impact panel" where Bieber would hear stories from victims of drunk drivers and do 40 hours of community service. Bieber would also have an ignition interlock placed in his vehicle for three months.

However, on top of these requirements Bieber would also be subjected to random drug testing for anywhere between six to nine months. The tests could happen anywhere Bieber is, not just in the state of Florida. This would mean Bieber's itinerary would have to be given to the court and authorities so the random drug tests could be conducted at his own expense. Should he meet the requirements and pass the drug tests the reduced plea would be formally put before the court.

On Sunday TMZ reported Bieber would reject the deal based primarily due to the random drug testing. Sources told the outlet other factors are weighing into Bieber's decision also including details regarding the breathalyzer reading (.014) while police said he smelled of alcohol as well as drag racing allegations when Bieber was clocked by a GPS device at going 27 miles per hour.

However, the idea of random drug tests seems to be the major obstacle. Should Bieber be found with drugs in his system during the tests, it would be a breach of his probation and could lead to possible jail time. Despite those objections to the plea bargain, Bieber is reportedly open to another plea with different parameters.

On Sunday the musician also became the subject of a protest in Atlanta where neighbors objected to the singer possibly relocating to their area.

And finally, Bieber also became the butt of a running joke over the weekend with various pictures of the Chicago billboard with the phrase "Loser Keeps Bieber" popping up all over social media.

Bieber -- who later congratulated Team Canada for their win -- was not immune to the Olympic barbs:

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