02/24/2014 05:19 EST | Updated 02/25/2014 09:59 EST

'Super Mario Bros.' Theme Is Perfect On Ancient Chinese Instrument Dating Back To 1100 B.C. (VIDEO)

While the classic Nintendo game Super Mario Bros. was released by Japanese game designers in 1985 a YouTube video has seen the game's music recreated by an ancient Chinese instrument dating back thousands of years.

According to Polygon, the YouTube video shows a music student playing the sheng, a mouth-blown instrument consisting of vertical pipes which dates back to approximately 1100 B.C.

As shown in the YouTube clip which was posted by "nsofilm" on Feb. 15 and already is passed 1.5 million hits, a teacher appears to introduce the student and what she'll play as a row of shengs are shown on a desk. From there the young lady sits down and begins playing the popular theme. The song which starts 20 seconds in even includes the various sound effects heard when collecting coins or hitting various objects in the game.

If you need a comparison between what the student plays and the original, here's a YouTube clip of the original theme. The theme was reportedly created by Japanese composer Koji Kondo who used a small keyboard to create the now signature sounds. And while there's no official word as to whether the instrument inspired the theme, it's difficult not to believe it might have had some semblance of inspiration.

Several people have tweeted about the video including the following:

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