02/25/2014 04:25 EST | Updated 04/26/2014 05:59 EDT

Middle class, marriage and money are the themes in Ottawa on Tuesday

OTTAWA - It's all about class. The middle class.

The Institute of Marriage and Family Canada will release a report today that it says shows a link between marriage and income in this country.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the pro-marriage organization says data from Statistics Canada shows that wealthy Canadians are mostly married or common-law while lower income earners are mostly unattached.

The report comes after an internal government analysis from last fall suggested the country's middle class is holding back economic recovery because families are so cash-strapped.

Adding to the numbers today, Statistics Canada will release its 2012 survey of financial security.

Among the other happenings around Parliament Hill:

— The Institute for Research on Public Policy and the Canadian Labour Market and Skills Researcher Network continue to host a discussion about inequality in Canada.

— The Canadian Federation of Agriculture will hear from federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz as it holds its 2014 annual meeting, with a focus on competitiveness and the family farm.

— Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver will announce what is being described as a major proposed investment in clean technology.

— And no word on whether he'll be wearing green as Opposition NDP Leader Tom Mulcair speaks to the Ireland Chamber of Commerce in Canada.