02/25/2014 04:31 EST | Updated 02/25/2014 04:59 EST

The Trailer Park Boys Did Epic Meal Time And It's Glorious (VIDEO)

The Trailer Park Boys are still at large and they're committing culinary crimes in Los Angeles with the extreme chefs at Epic Meal Time.

Ricky, Julian, Bubbles and Randy met up with the hilarious kitchen crew in a video posted to YouTube on Tuesday.

Their task? Make a disgusting meal bursting with calories.

The boys went shopping with the Epic Meal Time crew and were told to pick up anything they wanted. Naturally, they went straight for the booze.

We'll let you discover their disgusting culinary concoction for yourself, but suffice to say, Bubbles didn't quite understand the concept of a bacon-wrapped hot dog.

The video came just five days after the boys appeared in a preview for their upcoming movie, "Trailer Park Boys 3: Don't Legalize It."

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