Vitamix Recipes: 15 Easy Soup, Smoothie And Meal Recipes With A Blender

If you've been missing out on news in the blending world, a Vitamix seems to be the only thing people are talking about. This powerful blender can make everything from soups and smoothies to homemade almond milk and pie filling.

The $579 blender (yes, this is unfortunately the cheapest one) is equipped to creating hot and cold meals by both professional chefs and everyday homecooks. It also just happens to be on a lot of health bloggers' must-have lists.

While the price may be out of most people's budgets, these recipes can work in smaller (and cheaper) blenders, like the Nutribullet as well, according to blogger Healthy Crush. An alternative smoothie blender may also be ideal for someone who lives on their own or who isn't ready to commit to full-time blending.

Not only is blending your fruits and veggies more nutritious and packed with vitamins, but you can also eat or drink a handful of foods you may not be able to fit into your daily diet. Blending meals will also help you save time in the kitchen, let you blend both frozen and fresh foods, and make it easier for your digestion system to process all the nutrients, according to recipe maker Margaret Minnicks.

So if you're a blending newbie or a Vitamix worshiper, here are 15 things you make at home.

So what will you blend? Share your favourite recipe below:

10 Recipes You Have To Try In Your Vitamix

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