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Video Of Whale Slapping Girl Is Why We'll Stick To Watching From Afar

A group of girls were whale watching off the coast of Mexico in Baja California last weekend when a nearby whale got a little too close for comfort, slapping one of them in the back of the head with its tail.

The incident was caught on camera and later uploaded to YouTube by user Jordyn Rivet, who added that the girl identified as Chelsea Crawford from Nova Scotia, by New York Daily News, was fine.

Baja California has a reputation as one of the world's premier spots for whale watching. The peninsula's 1,300 km area is home to grey, humpback and giant blue whales, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Live Different describes itself as a Canadian charity and offers four-month developmental stints where middle school and high school students can volunteer in humanitarian relief projects to those living in extreme poverty. According to its site, volunteers participate in "building homes, distributing supplies, providing food, mobile medical clinics and working with children at risk."

We're guessing the "getting slapped in the head by a whale" bit wasn't included in the itinerary.

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