02/26/2014 05:56 EST | Updated 02/27/2014 06:59 EST

Heritage Classic Tickets Given Away By Jason Garrison

Cue the Vancouver hipster jokes.

Vancouver Canucks defenceman Jason Garrison has some tickets for the NHL Heritage Classic at BC Place on March 2 to give away, so he decided to launch a contest for his Twitter followers.

But it seems the athlete wasn't entirely sure what to make his followers do for the tickets — until fellow Canuck Kevin Bieska stepped in.

And so, the contest was born.

Basically, fans have to tweet Garrison a photo of themselves with a beard (real or fake) along with the hashtag #gbeard — and the results are pretty hilarious.

Tickets for the game, which pits the Canucks against the Ottawa Senators, cost between $100 to $325. Some people feel that's too high for a venue that seats more than 50,000 people, or almost triple the capacity of a game at Rogers Arena.

Don Renzulli, NHL’s executive vice-president events, defended the pricing as fair for the expense of setting up the Heritage Classic as well as the competitive market, reported The Province on Wednesday.

About 90 per cent of tickets have been sold, said Renzulli.

Some tickets are being sold at a discounted price on Buytopia.

Here are some of our favourite #gbeards:

Garrison, who we must admit has a very nice beard himself, will announce the winner on Thursday.

UPDATE: The #gbeard winners have been announced.

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