02/26/2014 15:27 EST | Updated 04/28/2014 05:59 EDT

Loretta Saunders’ case now a homicide investigation

Halifax police are treating the disappearance of Loretta Saunders as a homicide, officers said Wednesday. 

Saunders, 26, was reported missing to police by her family. She was last seen in the Cowie Hill Road area in Halifax on the morning of Feb. 13. Five days later, her car was located in Harrow, Ont.

Blake Leggette, 25, and Victoria Henneberry, 28, are currently incarcerated in Halifax. They were Saunders' roommates. Each is facing a charge of theft of a motor vehicle.

Saunders’ remains have yet to be located. Investigators are making every effort to determine the location of her body so she can be brought home to her family, police said. 

"Investigators have identified suspects in this homicide and they are not looking for anyone else," said Cst. Pierre Bourdages. "This homicide investigation is ongoing and charges are anticipated."

Police did not say why they think Saunders is dead. 

"Unfortunately, we're confident Ms. Saunders has passed," he said.

Bourdages said more than one person will face murder charges and that they would be laid "as soon as possible."

Henneberry is due in court Thursday and Leggette is due in court Friday. Both are facing charges relating to the theft of Saunders' car. 

"At this time, that's the only charge they're facing," Bourdages said. 

He said police are concentrating on finding her body. 

"We have investigators focusing on the information we have to have a better understanding of where she may be. We want to bring her back to her family so they can have closure," he said.