02/26/2014 06:03 EST | Updated 04/28/2014 05:59 EDT

Marijuana grow-op co-op planned by P.E.I. group

A group of Prince Edward Islanders who use medical marijuana is trying to develop a plan for a co-op business to grow the drug.

As of the end of next month, medical marijuana users in Canada will no longer be allowed to grow their own supply. Instead, they'll have to obtain the drug from a supplier authorized by the federal government.

Keith Kennedy has been using medical marijuana since injuring his back in 2002. He said there would be many advantages for Islanders using medical marijuana to have their own, approved production co-op.

"The client is going to be connected to the plant that they wish to consume. They're going to know that it's organic. They're going to know that it has a high quality, that it's going to be good for them," said Kennedy.

"We would be creating jobs, involving our consumers in the product and we would be keeping it local."

Kennedy and his group are looking for 100 people willing to pay $500 each to become co-op members.

There are concerns users of medical marijuana who have been growing their own supply may not be able to afford the drug under the new federal system.