02/26/2014 03:14 EST | Updated 02/26/2014 03:59 EST

Virgin Airline's In-Flight Safety Video Pays Homage To Cinema & The Oscars


(Relaxnews) - After orcs, hobbits, dancing, singing flight attendants, and Betty White -- in a class all her own -- Virgin Atlantic has become the latest airline to release an innovative in-flight safety video, this time in an animated demo that pays homage to classic films and genres.

In a bid to capture the wayward attention of passengers, the video calls out guilty flyers by playing emergency procedures through a dream-like sequence.

As a flight attendant launches into her spiel, a passenger slides down his sleep mask and drifts off. Safety instructions take on a life of their own in Western, superhero, James Bond and "Space Odyssey"-style vignettes. The six-minute video was created by British design agency Art & Graft.

The video begins airing March 1 to coincide with the Oscars the next day.

The updated safety video also reminds passengers that the smoking ban extends to electronic and smokeless cigarettes, and that smartphones should be set to ‘airplane mode.’

Last fall, Virgin America released a “Glee”-style song and dance video featuring flying nuns and rapping kids to instruct passengers on how to fasten their seat belt and don their oxygen masks.

And Air New Zealand succeeded in topping its Hobbit-inspired video from 2012 with orcs and elves by tapping the world’s favourite

nonagenarian “Golden Girl” Betty White as well as “Love Boat” captain Gavin MacLeod to star in a 2013 video.

Watch Virgin Atlantic's in-flight safety video here.

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