02/27/2014 05:55 EST | Updated 03/06/2014 02:59 EST

It Doesn't Get More Canadian Than This 'Dragons' Den' Audition (VIDEO)

"Dragon's Den" has fielded some truly terrible pitches, but none as hilarious (or as Canadian) as this one.

Beer-swilling Newfoundlanders Clyde Tobin and Jeff O'Driscoll present their groundbreaking product: a two-by-four with a light on it.

The boys posted their initial pitch to YouTube last Tuesday asking for $30,000, payable in Canadian Tire money.

The video came courtesy of comedy group The Prince Edward Island Encyclopedia.

And we sincerely hope they make it to television, if only to see them make a fool out of Kevin O'Leary.

On Tuesday, the comedy group posted to their Facebook page that CBC had contacted them: "We actually submitted this yesterday and got an email within minutes to show up in person to pitch to CBC!"

In 2011, CBC radio show "This is That" put its character Brian Topps before the dragons with a pitch for his pathetic product, a "Snowball Fight in a Box."

O'Leary shot him down without a hint of irony, calling it the "worst idea ever in the 'Dragons' Den.'"

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