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Eugene Muirhead, 90, Allegedly Involved In 3 Hit And Runs

The elderly driver suspected in a deadly hit-and-run accident in Coquitlam, B.C., last November had been investigated for two prior hit and runs and was due to take a driver's test, according to documents obtained by CBC News.

Eugene Muirhead, 90, allegedly drove his 2003 Dodge Ram into 76-year-old Juan Rosales and his 66-year-old wife Marta Rosales shortly after 3:30 p.m. PT on Nov. 27, 2013 as they were crossing the intersection of Austin Avenue and Gatensbury Street. The couple died at the scene.

The driver stopped briefly and then fled the area. His vehicle was located a short while later by police. Muirhead was subsequently placed under arrest for failing to remain at the scene of an accident causing death.

A warrant to search Muirhead's vehicle was filed by police hours after the accident. The document, obtained by CBC News, shows Muirhead has a history of two prior hit-and-run investigations, and that ICBC had just issued him a notice requiring him to take a driving test.

Driver's test scheduled for next day

The warrant traces Muirhead's path from his daily visit to the Port Moody Legion, where he drank coffee and soda, to the Fish House restaurant, where he ate lunch every Wednesday.

The documents show a Fish House server told police Muirhead was "very slow and shaky," had hearing aids and at least one cane, and that he had "gotten progressively worse with his balance."

The server also told police she had seen Muirhead park before, and "had noticed that the quality of the parking job had deteriorated over the last while." She said he parks on a crooked angle and does not pull into the stall completely.

Annie Pilotte, another Fish House server who says she knew the Rosales and Muirhead, told CBC News she saw Muirhead on the day of the accident.

"When he left he said, 'You're probably not going to see me anymore.' And I said, 'Don't say that.' And he said, 'Well I have to go for my driver's license tomorrow morning and they won't give it back to me.' He said, 'I'm pretty sure.' 

Pilotte said "he knew" he wasn't healthy enough to drive anymore.

The documents reveal Muirhead told police he did not hit anyone, and would have stopped if he had.

RCMP said the investigation is ongoing and no one has been charged. 

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