02/27/2014 04:08 EST | Updated 02/27/2014 04:59 EST

'Rainblossom Project' Red Umbrellas Brighten Up Vancouver (TWEETS)

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In a city known for its very generous precipitation, it takes a certain perspective to see the rain as inspiration for more than a reason to hide away inside.

That's just what a group of anonymous Vancouverites has achieved with their "Rainblossom Project" — a visual ode to the rain-soaked city they love, consisting of red umbrellas suspended from trees along the Seawall on the West Side.

The sight of the red brollies hanging in mid air from the branches of bare trees has captured the imagination of many residents, who have been taking beautiful images of this guerrilla art attack.

But who is responsible for spreading the redness? We don't know. All we can do is post this email sent to Vancouver Is Awesome, apparently by the public-spirited visionaries.

Under cover of night, four Vancouverites meet to celebrate their city. From Spanish Banks, skyline silhouettes Stanley Park, Cypress. Tonight, we have reason: for too long we’ve grumbled of wet, not truly celebrating our City’s great gift – the rain. For in our dark, damp days do we not await the pleasures of spring: sunshine, buds, colours emerge. Alas, what of the pleasures of winter: as rains pour, leaves fall, umbrellas open to meet the skies, rainblossoms. Under cover of night, four Vancouverites meet to celebrate their city, for better or worse, rain or shine.

In civic spirit, the Rainblossom Project (with the help of VIA) invites Vancouver’s sister cities of Odessa, Yokohama, Edinburgh, Guangzhou, Los Angeles, and Seoul to spread the red.

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