02/27/2014 18:59 EST | Updated 04/29/2014 05:59 EDT

Seven suspected gang members charged in Montreal courtroom

Montreal and Laval police arrested seven men in a raid targetting Asian organized crime.

One person was released on bail.

The other six suspects were all charged in court Thursday with drug possession for the purpose of trafficking.

- Bao Dung Nguyen, 40

- Hong Luong Luu, 33

- Cong Do Nguyen, 43

- Thi Thanh Hao Nguyen, 32

- Hung Ky Nguyen, 45

- Dong Thi Bui, 45

The first three men also face charges of attempted murder and conspiracy.

More than 300 pounds of marijuana seized

During the police operation, officers from the Montreal and Laval police departments raided seven homes and two businesses and seized:

- 6 kilograms of MDMA (widely known as ecstasy)

- 310 pounds of marijuana, in sealed packets each weighing half a pound

- 670 marijuana plants

- $26,000 in cash

- 1 gold bullion piece

The police raids come as part of an investigation into an alleged attempted murder that occurred at the end of December in in Montreal's north end neighbourhood of Saint-Michel.