02/27/2014 05:32 EST | Updated 04/29/2014 05:59 EDT

Watch HMCS Toronto sailors make a heroin bust

Sailors on board HMCS Toronto seized more 8.5 tonnes of heroin during deployment in the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean, and video obtained by CBC News from one of the raids shows the boarding team in action.

Members of the boarding team climbed onto foreign ships in search of drugs and guns.

The video was recorded in December using a helmet camera during one of the raids where more than 500 kilograms of heroin was seized.

The team got control over the crew and then headed down into the engine room.

"We went down and we knew that there was something out of place immediately," Leading Seaman Marshall Smith said. "We noticed that one of the fuel tanks was out of place. We began investigating that fuel tank."

A kilogram of heroin was pulled out and the team quickly realized it was going to be a big haul.

"We knew that we had struck gold there," Smith said.