02/28/2014 02:45 EST | Updated 02/28/2014 02:59 EST

If Bob Marley Were A Dog, He Might Look Like This (PHOTOS)

Bob Marley was the best at what he did, but did he ever imagine he'd be best in show?

Probably not, but an Oshawa, Ont.-based groomer went ahead and made that happen.

Priscilla Suddard took home the creative title at the T.O. Grooming Show on Feb. 24 for dressing up her standard poodle Yolo like the reggae legend, reported.

Check out photos of a dog made up to look like Bob Marley.

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To pull off the look, Suddard coloured Yolo's coat red, yellow and green, then cut it to create a peace sign on one side of his body and the slogan "1Love" (with the word "love" in the shape of a heart) on the other.

Suddard owns Cilla's Canine Coiffure, a pet grooming business that dresses up dogs in all kinds of crazy designs, such as hearts, vibrant hair colouring and even tattoos.

We looked hard, and yes, Yolo IS the craziest example of dog grooming that we've ever seen.

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