02/28/2014 10:44 EST | Updated 02/28/2014 10:59 EST

BroApp Designed To Send Texts On Behalf Of Lazy Boyfriends


Being in a relationship can sometimes mean having less time to hang out with your mates. But lazy boyfriends will be delighted to hear about a new app that sends automated texts to their other halves.

BroApp lets users write and store sweet nothings to be sent to their loved ones at a pre-set time and date. The app will not send messages if it detects that you are at your girlfriend's house (by being connected to her WiFi), or if you have recently messaged her on your own.

It also features a "girlfriend intrusion detector" function that will prevent inquisitive ladies from discovering the tool (the app, that is) and even provides a list of pre-written generic messages that can be added to or simply sent without editing.

Launched last week, the app is the brainchild of Australian developers Factorial Products Ltd. It is currently only available on

Android, although an iOS version is planned for the future.

"BroApp is your relationship wingman," claims the brand. But would you be brave enough to outsource your relationship?

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