02/28/2014 05:54 EST | Updated 02/28/2014 08:59 EST

Edmonton Loblaws Warehouse Stabbing Kills 2


Two people have died at an Edmonton Loblaws warehouse stabbing, police have confirmed, several others have also been injured in the attack.

According to CBC News, police have arrested the suspect, 29-year-old Jayme Pasieka, after a massive manhunt.

Police confirm he is an employee of the warehouse and considered extremely dangerous.

The Edmonton Journal reports in March 2011, Pasieka was given 15 months' probation after being convicted on charges of assault with a weapon, and making threats to cause bodily harm and death.

Aaron Ngentafam, who works in the building, told Global Edmonton he witnessed the suspect, who was wearing combat gear, come into the warehouse Friday afternoon.

He has two knives, you know, it was like in movies, really,” the witness said.

“I think two of them pass [sic] away. He stabbed my supervisor here,” he added, motioning to his neck.

Ngentafam told the Journal the attacker was a man in his mid-30s who didn't have any friends.

Shelly Paulson, who works across the street from the warehouse, told CBC News that employees in her building were told to lock the doors and stay inside.

The Edmonton Journal reports several of their reporters witnessed patients being loaded into ambulances.

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