02/28/2014 02:35 EST | Updated 02/28/2014 02:59 EST

Metal Detectors Come To Saddledome

Your Calgary Flames ticket now comes with a chance of being searched.

Metal detectors will be making their way to the Saddledome entrances over the next few weeks, which means eventgoers will have to me more careful about the contents of their pockets and purses.

According to CTV News, Flames fans got a glimpse of the new security machines Thursday night, although they were not yet operational.

"These measures are consistent with those in effect at other NHL venues and most large public assembly venues throughout North America," said the Saddedome in handout given to fans before last night's game, reports CBC News.

Flames vice-president of communications Peter Hanlon told Metro Calgary all the detectors will be installed and activated within a month, saying the security update was league-mandated by the NHL.

Official have acknowleged that the new screening measures will likely slow down the lines of people waiting to get through the doors.

However, Calgary Flames vice-president of building operations, Libby Raines, told the Calgary Herald the machines will be calibrated at a lower detection frequency than airport security, so gamegoers won't have to worry about taking off their shoes or emptying change from their pockets.

Additionally, people should expect the chance of bag and purse inspections.

“Guests are discouraged from bringing bags or items requiring inspection into the venue as our goal is to expedite entry as much as possible,” said the handout.

Check out the list of items you will no longer be able to bring into the Saddledome:

Banned From The Saddledome

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