02/28/2014 06:02 EST | Updated 03/01/2014 12:59 EST

University Of Beautiful Cars (UBC) Highlights Vancouver's Luxury Vehicles


While some students use public transit to commute for hours, others drive Maseratis to school at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver.

The sight of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and even a Bentley on campus is so common at UBC that a new Tumblr is dedicated to the University of Beautiful Cars.

In just its first week, the site has posted photos of a Bugatti Veyron Vitesse (starting price $1.7 million), a Ferrari 458 Spider ($258,000), and a few Porche 911s ($113,000).

The anonymous blog makes clear that the cars were spotted at UBC, but that they don't necessarily belong to students. However, many luxury vehicles do belong to drivers barely old enough to drink legally. The blog points out:

"Some parents of international students from China buy super cars for their children because it is much cheaper in Vancouver than in China. After their study here is done, they either sell it or bring it back to China, which can sometimes be profitable. Moreover, because Vancouver has the second most expensive housing in the world, many local students who drive to school are also very wealthy."

Metro Vancouver has the highest number of luxury vehicles per capita in North America, a local car expert told CBC News last year.

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