02/28/2014 13:12 EST | Updated 04/30/2014 05:59 EDT

UBC picks 8 more teams for varsity sports funding

The University of British Columbia has announced which remaining sports clubs and teams will retain their varsity status, following a second round of funding assessments.

Eight teams have been chosen to receive long-term funding, in addition to the 16 that were chosen during the initial round of assessments announced in January. In total, 24 out of 29 teams will retain their varsity status. The remaining five will be re-designated as competitive clubs. 

“This review has re-energized support for UBC’s teams,” said UBC president Stephen Toope in a statement released Friday.

“Our community has told us they want as many varsity teams as possible, and they want the opportunity to help us achieve our vision. We’ve heard them, and we look forward to seeing this translated into solid action in the months ahead.”

The new sport model will be implemented in September 2015.

Teams selected to receive enhanced funding:

- Basketball: men and women

- Football: men

- Swimming: men and women

- Volleyball: men and women

Teams selected to receive current funding:

- Cross country: men and women

- Field hockey: women

- Golf: men and women

- Ice hockey: women

- Rowing: men and women

- Rugby: men

- Soccer: men and women

- Track and field: men and women

Teams selected to receive hybrid funding:

- Baseball: men

- Field hockey: men

- Ice hockey: men

- Rugby: women

Teams selected to be re-designated as competitive clubs:

- Alpine skiing: men and women

- Nordic skiing: men and women

- Softball: women