03/01/2014 05:22 EST | Updated 05/01/2014 05:59 EDT

Vancouver port truckers unanimously vote to go on strike Wednesday evening

VANCOUVER - Hundreds of unionized truckers serving Vancouver ports have voted to go on strike.

Unifor's Vancouver Container Truck Association says the vote was unanimous and about 400 truckers will walk out starting Wednesday evening.

President Paul Johal says long wait times and low pay rates are at the heart of the dispute.

Johal says that because truckers are paid by the load, long wait times at Port Metro Vancouver facilities keep workers from making ends meet.

He says truckers must deliver five loads per day to earn a decent living, but are only able to deliver three.

The strike vote follows a work stoppage by the United Truckers Association — a group of roughly 1,000 non-unionized workers — that began Feb. 26 over similar issues.

Port Metro Vancouver says in a release that it is trying to alleviate wait times but stresses wage issues must be settled between truckers and their employers.