03/03/2014 18:32 EST | Updated 05/03/2014 05:59 EDT

NHL welcomes B.C. baby to Heritage Classic with free ticket

When they got to the Heritage Classic on Sunday, Jon and Melissa Lampard were given a free ticket for baby Quinnlyn only a day after being told NHL rules require the baby to have a ticket of her own.

The Lampards say they were taken aback by the NHL's stance because Quinnlyn usually sits on her mother's lap for free when she attends Vancouver Canucks' games.

Last Christmas, Jon Lampard's dad bought the die-hard family of Canucks' fans eight tickets to Sunday's Heritage Classic as a present — enough for the whole family, except Quinnlyn. 

When Lampard discovered the NHL's rules were different, and Qunnlyn would need her own ticket, he contacted the NHL asking for an exemption, but was told everyone who attends the Heritage Classic needs a ticket for 'safety' reasons.

CBC News and Chek TV did stories Saturday on the family's plight.

On Sunday when the family got to the game, however, the Lampards were met by Canucks' management with a free ticket and even got to meet the Olympic gold medal-winning women's hockey team.

Jon Lampard says the Canucks have since told his father, the NHL came through at the last minute on Sunday with a number of free tickets for people in situations similar to the Lampards.