03/03/2014 10:37 EST | Updated 03/18/2014 08:59 EDT

Rob Ford Photographed The Man He Accused Of Being A Pedophile. Things Got Weird From There

Rob Ford is in Los Angeles and, predictably, things are getting more than a little weird.

Sunday, Toronto's mayor posted a photo of Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale on Twitter. The picture is notable because Dale is the man Ford accused of being a pedophile during an appearance on Conrad Black's television show.

The mayor said Dale peered over his fence to take photos of his children. Ford would later retract his comments and issue a full apology, but only after Dale launched a libel lawsuit.

Still, even after all that, it seems Ford is interested in playing up the fact that Dale is reporting on him and, yes, taking some photos as well. Many Canadian news outlets have sent reporters to L.A. to follow Ford, who is taking part in a publicity stunt organized by Jimmy Kimmel.

Sunday, after the Oscars (which Ford did not attend due to security reasons, according to his brother Doug), the mayor made an early cameo appearance on Kimmel's aftershow. Ford will be in a longer segment Monday night.

But Ford's appearance wasn't the most embarrassing moment for the mayor. That came when Kevin Spacey sat down with Kimmel.

"I just have to say, that's the first time I've had to follow a Ford -- and one that was so banged up," Spacey said.

Kimmel then thanked Spacey for sharing a dressing room with Ford.

"He threw up all over it," Spacey said. Ouch.

But Toronto's mayor was not daunted. It seems he went from Kimmel's aftershow to an Oscar afterparty at the W Hotel. Though, from the looks of things, it wasn't exactly a star-studded affair. Unlike the Oscars and more exclusive afterparties, you could buy your way into this one.

The most famous person at the shindig seems to have been Patrick Muldoon of Melrose Place fame. Either that or American Idol winner Taylor Hicks.

Despite the setbacks, it seems the Ford Brothers (all three are in L.A.) are still having fun. Though the mayor stresses that the purpose of the trip is to promote Toronto.

Many can't help but think that Kimmel and the entire world are laughing at, rather than with, Toronto's mayor. That's exactly what CTV's Tom Walters asked Ford about on Sunday, in an on-camera evisceration that was widely shared on social media. Ford told Walters he should ask Kimmel himself.

We'll find out what new weirdness the late-night host has in store for Ford on Monday's show.

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