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Deadmau5 Wants To Join Forces With Bhangra Star Daler Mehndi (TWITTER)

Canadian EDM icon Deadmau5 and Punjabi bhangra star Daler Mehndi set India's twitter ablaze after the two have exchanged a string of tweets giving kudos and props to each other. Deadmau5, who initiated the interaction in fine fanboy fashion, even began working on a remix of Mehndi's bhangra hit "Tunak Tunak Tun."

On Thursday, Feb. 27, Deadmau5 tweeted the following to get the conversation started:

Although it was unclear what would happen following Deadmau5's tweet, Mehndi replied in kind the following day. Although the Canadian musician's name wasn't included in the tweet, it was clear who Mehndi was replying to:

The Times of India reports Deadmau5's diehard fans realized his love of Mehndi's music. When Deadmau5 saw Mehndi's message about being busy with shows, Deadmau5's reportedly tweeted "dude... We chillin or what?" From there, Mehndi later replied to Deadmau5 stating: "@deadmau5 hi, u doing gud music, keep it up."

The publication reported the two then said they should combine their talents and cross paths at some point. "@deadmau5 Let's raise our weapons and make this world do Tunak Tunak Tun," Mehndi wrote regarding some possible mashup or collaboration on the 1998 hit bhangra song by Mehndi. "We can maybe catch up at your show and plan a gig."

Deadmau5 enthusiastically replied "yes!!!!! Legendary! I'll contact you soon! :)" Mehndi responded with "@deadmau5 Rab Rakha (means God bless you) see you soon."

Following the conversation on Twitter, Mehndi posted a few more photos on his account, including one showing him with a Deadmau5 t-shirt:

He also retweeted a fan photoshopped pic showing Deadmau5 and Mehndi together in a car:

Meanwhile, Deadmau5 tweeted the Instagram link featuring the song:

The conversation between Deadmau5 and Mehndi continued with Deadmau5 hard at work on a collaboration between the two.

A photo from a fan also caught Deadmau5's eye:

There's no word if Mehndi will appear at upcoming Deadmau5 gigs his has slated in India this month. According to Deadmau5's site the EDM star will play March 14, 15 and 16 in Mumbai, Bangalore and Dehli, respectively.

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