03/04/2014 11:07 EST | Updated 03/05/2014 09:59 EST

Deadmau5 Asks Tim Hortons For A Doughnut, Tim Hortons Delivers

What happens when Canadian musician Deadmau5 asks Tim Hortons to make him a doughnut? They deliver.

The coffee chain responded to the artist's request on Tuesday with a custom-made doughnut (not available for sale, unfortunately) featuring two chocolate Timbits shaped into Deadmau5's famous mouse-head logo.

The Canadian musician's relationship (read: love affair) with Tim Hortons is nothing new. After he'd written to the company's social media account in the past, the coffee giant not only sent him a coffee maker in the fall, but also collaborated with him on a video series called Coffee Run, according to ET Canada. It basically consisted of the Niagara Falls-born artist taking other well-known celebrities, like Pharrell Williams, on coffee runs to a Tim Hortons drive-through.

And as tweeters praise Tim Hortons Twitter page for being "seriously awesome with social media," we couldn't agree more. In 2013, former 90210 star Jason Priestley's appearance on a Canadian-themed episode of, "How I Met Your Mother," featured a Priestley doughnut — a strawberry vanilla doughnut crammed with a Timbit. That week, Tim Hortons again took to their Twitter page and created a custom doughnut for Priestley.

So really, we're wondering, when can we get a Huffington Post Canada doughnut? Please?

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