03/05/2014 13:33 EST | Updated 05/05/2014 05:59 EDT

Blue Jay Brett Lawrie tweets behind the wheel

Ontario's campaign to get motorists to pay attention to driving rather than using mobile phone has not reached the Toronto Blue Jays clubhouse in southern Florida, apparently.

On Monday, the Ontario Provincial Police called distracted driving the "number one killer on roads," warning motorists to not use phones behind the wheel. 

For both of the next two days, Toronto Blue Jays’ Brett Lawrie tweeted photos of himself holding a can of an energy drink. The photos show one hand holding the can, and presumably the other hand is taking the photo from a mobile phone, leaving no hands for the wheel.

In the most recent photo, posted on Wednesday morning, the third baseman and prolific tweeter appears to be travelling along the left-hand lane of a roadway in Florida, where the baseball team has been playing preseason games this week in Dunedin, Clearwater and Fort Meyers, Florida. 

Lawrie did not respond to tweets calling him out on taking the photo while driving.

The Florida Department of Transportation indicates that, since last fall, texting while driving is a citable offence. The state is in the midst of advocacy campaign called Just Put It Down, which reports 995 distracted driving-related deaths had mobile phones involved.