03/05/2014 11:23 EST | Updated 05/05/2014 05:59 EDT

Lost dog plucked from frozen lake, 8 km from shore

A Michigan-based U.S. Coast Guard crew may have saved a lost dog’s life after plucking off the frozen waters of Lake St. Clair, eight kilometres from shores.

The crew of the cutter Bristol Bay found the dog cold, bleeding and motionless Tuesday between Windsor, Ont., and Detroit.

“We were going out to do an escort of a freighter … down through Lake St. Clair,” crew member Petty Officer George Yhl told CBC News. “One of the guys on the bridge noticed a dog on the ice. We stopped. We assessed the situation. It was still alive and we launched our ice rescue team.”

Yhl said the dog was scared and couldn’t walk.

“We had leftover lunch scraps and a bowl of water,” Yhl said. “We eased up to it. We were feeding it lunch meat. And after a while, he let us get close to him.

“After about 10 minutes, after sitting feeding him lunch meat and petting him, he was really receptive.”

That’s when the crew tied a makeshift leash made of rope to the dog. It was wearing a harness but no tags.

The crew put the dog in a rescue basket and hoisted it on board.

“He spent most of the day lying around. After a day on board with us, he started walking around,” Yhl said.

The crew fed and treated the dog before transferring it to an animal shelter in Michigan.

Yhl said the dog is doing well and he believes it has been reunited with its owners, who reported it missing on Feb. 24.