March Break Ideas For Kid And Adult Food Scientists

When kids get a vacation from school during March Break, it often means parents take a break as well, leading to some all-too-rare quality time together. While there are inevitably play dates with friends and exciting outings to nearby attractions, you may also end up with a few days where nothing is planned at all.

But instead of looking immediately to the remote control for help, we think these aimless hours could actually make for some — wait for it — great bonding time. After all, when else will you really have a chance to take out every pot and pan you own and have some fun?

With the help of some immensely creative minds, we've pulled together great project ideas that combine food and science in very cool ways. Yes, your kitchen will be a disaster, yes, clothes will get stained, and yes, your kiddo will want to make the magic potion every Saturday from here on out. But the amount of fun you'll have together should counter all of those concerns — and to be honest, when you're playing with your colourful Oobleck, you won't be worrying about them either.

Check out these awesome food experiments to try over March Break:

Amazing Food Science Experiments