03/05/2014 07:34 EST | Updated 03/05/2014 11:59 EST

Vancouver Medical Marijuana Grow-Ops Won't Be Busted: Police

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[UNVERIFIED CONTENT] Legal cannabis greenhouse or grow-operation for a Canadian patient with a legal medical permit.

As the April 1 start date of Canada's medical marijuana overhaul creeps closer, politicians and police in British Columbia are telling locals not to worry too much.

Under the new federal laws, medical pot users will no longer be able to grow marijuana for their personal use and must go through licensed commercial producers — but police and some of the province's mayors say they won't go after home grow-ops even when the federal rules become a reality.

Vancouver police said they won't be busting the city's illegal medical pot dispensaries.

I don’t think for now there is any plan to change the current drug policy that is in place to fit specifically with these changes,” Const. Brian Montague said to The Vancouver Sun. “We don’t have plans for massive raids on April 2nd.”

The newspaper reported Wednesday that the Vancouver Police Department is aware of 29 unlicensed dispensaries operating in the city but they don't after them as long as they are only selling to those who carry a medical pot permit.

Mission Mayor Ted Adlem and Abbotsford Mayor Bruce Banman told CBC News that there are no plans to make sure home grow-ops are destroyed.

"I'm not really interested in going after a little guy that's growing for his own personal use," Adlem told the news outlet.

"That makes no sense, it is absolutely ludicrous. And I don't think any municipal police department is going to go and try and search for somebody who is growing for their own personal use."

A group of B.C. patients are also seeking an injunction against regulations that prohibit medical users from growing their own supply. Their case will be heard two weeks before their crops are scheduled to be killed.

“I’m supposed to destroy all my medicine and then I’m just supposed to sit there and what?" Langley medical marijuana user Robert Davidson told The Huffington Post Canada on Monday. "Wait for the RCMP to kick down my door and give me a check mark?”

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