03/05/2014 09:46 EST | Updated 03/05/2014 09:59 EST

Nigella Lawson's 'No Makeup' Vogue Cover Is Tricking You

Nigella Lawson claims she was photographed without makeup for her new Vogue UK cover but we're calling foul!

The cooking goddess covers the April 2014 issue looking gorgeous in a green lace Burberry dress and her hair in a chic messy updo but funnily enough, the British tastemaker says wouldn't want us to compliment her appearance, hence the "bare face" look.

“I was terrified of being photographed without makeup, and I hate having my looks talked up,” Lawson said of the photo shoot. "It always makes me feel I’m going to be a disappointment in the flesh."

But does Nigella really not wear any makeup? Sure, the 54-year-old doesn't wear her signature bright lips and full lashes but if you take a closer look at the cover, you see that she wears light pink blush on her cheeks, eyeliner, mascara and most likely some brow liner to make her eyebrows look more full.

British Vogue says, "the chef wears only the most minimal make-up on the April cover," but compounded with typical magazine airbrushing and Photoshop, the journalist actually looks as if she is wearing quite a bit of makeup (even the Guardian states, "she is wearing lots, as are most celebrities posting 'no makeup' shots."

While we applaud Nigella for showing her understated side, we have to be wary of what we call "no makeup" photos because clearly, there is still makeup involved.

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