03/05/2014 04:49 EST | Updated 03/05/2014 04:59 EST

Rick Mercer To Justin Trudeau: Stop Trying To Be Funny

Rick Mercer often attacks Stephen Harper and the Tories, but he saves some of choicest jabs for Justin Trudeau.

The CBC host ridiculed Trudeau and his team Tuesday night for failing to understand that the Liberal leader just isn't very funny. Every time Trudeau tries to make a joke, it seems to end in scandal.

"Last week he apologized to Ukraine; before that Alberta; before that the used car salesman of Canada; before that Peter Kent because when Peter Kent was Harper's Environment Minister, Justin called him a piece of... Well, you get the idea. And clearly three out of these four apologies were warranted," Mercer quipped.

But Mercer faults the Liberal "brain trust" as much as he does Trudeau. He said they should remember that Trudeau is "applying for the job of Prime Minister of Canada, not open mic night at the giggle barn.”

But Mercer couldn't resist getting in a jab or two at the prime minister.

"Is there not a single advisor in the Prime Minister's Office honest enough to say, 'Hey prime minister, great job in the House of Commons today, and uh, one more thing, you’re a horrible singer, so stop doing that.'"

Agreed. As Mercer says, if the aides won't tell the politicians the truth about the singing and dancing, how can we expect them to do anything about bad ideas?

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