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'Seed' Season 2: Adam Korson Grows Up -- Sorta


Ewww ... sperm banks.

Not exactly the place you want to brag to your friends and family about visiting. But, in the sitcom "Seed," the secret is out when two fruits of donor Harry Dacosta's (Adam Korson) "labours," from different families, unexpectedly show up on his doorstep. Further complicating matters is Rose (Carrie-Lynn Neales), a pregnant woman who Harry has developed feelings for. She has also been artificially inseminated with his sperm and is ready to give birth. Now, Harry must adjust his bachelor ways and become a father figure and role model to his kids ... except he has no idea how.

"Seed" returns for Season 2 on March 6 on City. HuffPost Canada TV spoke to Korson over the phone from his Los Angeles home about underachievers, Harry's evolution and musical numbers.

HuffPost Canada TV: How would you describe "Seed"'s type of humour, and why does it appeal to you?

Adam Korson: I'll go back to the first time I read the initial script. I found it very witty. The way Joseph [Raso] had crafted the script, there was a lot of wit and purpose. It didn't feel like it was a set-up to a joke. It was more the characters and circumstances that are funny and unique. It was the first script in a long time that I laughed out loud while reading. It comes from Joseph's wit and intelligence and how he puts words together.

Let's face it. Harry is a bit of a schmuck. How do you keep him lovable without becoming too annoying?

I like to think of Harry as a loveable schmuck. The first time I read Harry, what really came through for me was his heart. Yeah, he's the bachelor/bartender who manipulates his way in and out of situations and really looks out for himself. That's his lifestyle. That's how he has been living his life for so long. He doesn't do it because he doesn't like someone. He doesn't do it out of hatred. He's the first one to say, "I'm sorry." For the people he does care about and love, he does go the extra mile. That's very clear in the reason why he stays with these kids. You see Harry in Season 1 at a point in his life where he's missing something: A family. Some stability. It's something he craves at a subconscious level and we see him at a point in his life where that starts to change. He's there for Billy [William Ainscough] to be a father and if he can get a girl out of the situation, he'll do that as well. He's a loveable guy with a huge heart.

Looking at Season 2, Rose has given birth. How has fatherhood, again, thrown a wrench into his slacker life?

Like anyone, he doesn't change overnight. In the first year, Harry goes through not so much of a steep incline in growth, but it's more of a progression for him over the season, getting to know these kids and these families and leaving his bachelorhood. In the second season, we pick up with him eight months into him being a father to this newborn baby, Charlie. We really see him mature. I think people are going to find very quickly that while it's the same old Harry, you now see him as a father versus a bachelor. He takes on more responsibility.

That was probably one of the toughest jobs for me as the actor, taking this character through eight months of a life that no one has seen. It wasn't written. We haven't lived it, so what was his transition? You take any parent who hasn't had a child yet and you put them through that first eight months of having a newborn baby and they evolve. You have to.

There's obviously a connection between Harry and Rose. Why doesn't he simply admit he has feelings for her?

Out of fear of rejection. Out of fear of change from the way his life was. To commit to a relationship, Adam's never done that before. Again, it's going to be interesting to see in Season 2 because, without any spoilers, things do get revealed. That relationship is explored a little bit more.

You attended the Randolph Academy for Performing Arts. Would you like Harry to break out in song and dance?

That would be great. I actually pitched an episode somewhat similar to that where we are showing "Mary Poppins" to Charlie. There's a power failure and we have to put on a "Mary Poppins" show because he starts crying again. That would be a fun scenario. One thing I'd like to explore with Harry is he's a drummer. He's a musician. We haven't gone down that road with him. It would be cool to see him get together with his band or start a new one.

Harry works in a bar. What would be his go-to song if there was karaoke night?

Probably some sort of Led Zeppelin like "Whole Lotta Love" where he can really rock out. Or maybe "Paint It Black" by The Rolling Stones. He's a rocker.

Might be hilarious if he played against type and did some schmaltzy tune.

Like 'N Sync? Let's put that one down.

Can you tease us a little bit? What are some of the zany highlights from Season 2?

I'm in a trunk, which is fun for a bit. I'll just say there's a mermaid at some point too.

In the movie "Delivery Man," Vince Vaughn's character fathered 533 children. How many "little Harrys" would you like to see introduced on the show?

534. I don't know. It's definitely insinuated there's a bunch out there. Let's see how many seasons we do. That's a good question. I'm going to stick with 534.

"Seed" premieres on City on Thursday, March 6 at 9 p.m. ET.

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