03/06/2014 18:34 EST | Updated 05/06/2014 05:59 EDT

Calgary high school to change 'Redmen' team name

Western Canada High School in Calgary will change the nickname of its sports teams from 'Redmen' to something less controversial. 

Calgary Board of Education spokesperson Calvin Davies said the decision was recommended by a council of aboriginal elders from the Treaty 7 area who advise the board. 

The term 'Redmen' is considered an offensive reference to North American aboriginal people. 

He also said there is strong support from Western Canada's administration, students and parents for the decision. 

"There's been enough discussion to date that we feel that it's high time for us to move forward and transition to a new name at Western Canada." said Davies.

Davies said the move was also inspired by similar decisions in other school districts.

Earlier this week, Saskatoon's public school board passed a motion calling on Bedford Road Collegiate in the city to change its team name from 'Redmen.'

There is no time line on the promised change for Western Canada and no decision on what the new nickname for the school's sports teams will be.

Davies said the school board will look at ways of helping Western Canada cover the costs associated with the name change. That includes new uniforms and changes to the logo painted on the floor of the school's gymnasium.