03/06/2014 09:26 EST | Updated 03/06/2014 09:59 EST

Tim Hortons Customers In Toronto Get $200 Of Free Coffee From Stranger


It seems Tim Hortons is becoming Canada’s unofficial centre for generosity.

Last year we saw stories of Timmies customers buying hundreds of coffees for strangers, in a meme that quickly spread across the country.

The latest incident took place in Toronto Wednesday morning, at a location on Yonge Street near Broadway. A customer bought two $100 Timmies gift cards, one for each cash register, and asked store staff to give out free coffees until the money was gone. It was morning rush hour, so that took about half an hour.

Turns out the person was promoting a Facebook page called Be Nice Toronto; the man left flyers advertising the page, the Toronto Star reports.

The page says it isn't part of any Tim Hortons marketing campaign.

This FB Page was setup to capture the joy and gratitude that each and every one of you is spreading in your local community and share it with the universe at large,” the page states.

That’s a sentiment almost anyone can get behind. Now how about moving that generosity out of Tim Hortons locations and to the rest of the country?

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