03/07/2014 11:03 EST | Updated 03/07/2014 11:59 EST

Half-Naked Quebec 'Terrorists' Video Lands Moose Knuckles In Trouble

A video featuring a group of fictional, sometimes half-naked "terrorists" called the FUQ is causing some trouble for a Montreal-based clothing brand.

Moose Knuckles, known for its $700 winter jackets, is on the defensive after a sporting goods retailer pulled their products from shelves over the controversial video.

“I regret losing those sales, but I don’t regret what I did,” Moose Knuckles founder Will Poho told the National Post. “I do not want to be stifled by a very small minority.”

The seven-minute promo video, directed by J. Lee Williams, is made up of a series of vignettes which feature a fictional army called the Fédération unilatérale du Québec (FUQ) — loosely based on the Quebec separatist group, the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ).

In the video, a voice-over repeats a call to arms as sexy hipsters caress guns while wearing Moose Knuckle jackets and plaid shirts; get yelled at by "military officials" wearing nothing but white underwear and box shirtless (yes, even the women). The last vignette ends with the FUQ soldiers dressed in their best fur-hooded bomber jackets (a steal at $695) as they plant the Québec flag on a beach.

Each vignette closes with the words "The FUQ Wants You."

“The FUQ is a satirical commentary on the civil unrest in the world today,”said Poho, who added that he based the fictional army in Québec because the province's history with the FLQ would make the video "more believable."

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