03/07/2014 01:18 EST | Updated 03/07/2014 01:59 EST

14 Things Canadians Do At The Slightest Hint Of Warm Weather

  • The winter is lifting
    The Weather Channel predicts milder temperatures for southern Ontario.
  • It has us just a little excited
  • So here's what you can expect Canadians to do in the coming days
    Now that they may no longer have to deal with this.
  • Ditch the snow boots
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    In spring, Canadians don't trudge ... they STRUT!
  • Wear shorts
    Pants are totally overrated.
  • Show some skin
    Getty Images
    It's time to bare those arms and shoulders!
  • Get a manicure/pedicure
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    Because you've been waiting to bare hands all winter!
  • Wear flats or sandals
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    Toe cleavage FTW!
  • Take their bikes out
    Getty Images
    They've been cold and lonely.
  • Make eye contact with people on the street
    Or, you know, they won't.
  • Work on their tans
    Because translucent skin only looks good on vampires.
  • Hit the patio
    This guy has been holding your table all winter.
  • Switch from wine to beer in the evenings
    Getty Images
    Mmm ... beer.
  • Snicker at people out east
    Because on the west coast, winter is warm and sunny.
  • Open their windows and blast THIS
  • Put away the snow shovel
    .... then bring it back out, because you really don't want to jinx it.
  • Finally, sing "Survivor"
    Because baby, we did it!

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