03/07/2014 04:30 EST | Updated 05/06/2014 05:59 EDT

Today on the Hill: Fresh job numbers emerge as MPs sprint for the door

OTTAWA - Members of Parliament will get one last look at the economy today before they flee the precinct for a two-week March break.

Statistics Canada will release the latest job numbers from the labour force survey for February.

The agency will also divulge whether Canada's international merchandise trade figures for January show a surplus or a deficit.

Labour productivity, hourly compensation and unit labour cost numbers will also be added up for the fourth quarter of last year.

Other happenings in Ottawa today include:

— The Supreme Court of Canada will release its decision in the appeal of Craig Hutchinson. The Nova Scotia man was convicted of sexual assault for poking holes in his girlfriend's condoms in hopes of getting her pregnant.

— Both the Liberals and the NDP will provide their perspectives on a new report expected today from the special committee on violence against indigenous women.

— And the trial continues for Khurram Syed Sher of London, Ont., who is facing a charge of conspiracy to facilitate terrorism.