03/08/2014 02:46 EST | Updated 03/08/2014 02:59 EST

WestJet's #IWD2014 Tribute Reminds You Why Women In Aviation Are Awesome (VIDEO)

WestJet is making news again with one of its online videos but rather than celebrating a fat man in a red — er, blue suit — the airline is celebrating women in the aviation industry for International Women's Day.

In a two-minute clip posted to YouTube, the Calgary-based carrier highlights 22 women who work in aviation and touches on the different sides of the business — both for those in the air and on the ground. WestJet says the video aims to highlight the diverse roles women hold in the industry, allowing viewers to meet the mechanics and engineers who build and maintain the aircrafts, the pilots and attendants who work on the planes and the executives who run the whole show.

"Today, WestJet celebrates women in aviation with a video highlighting the diverse roles women hold in the aviation industry. While this is not a comprehensive list, we hope it illustrates the significant impact women have on what is commonly thought of as a male-dominated industry," reads the video's description.

The video's a timely reminder of women's contribution to the air travel industry, particularly in light of the blatant sexism women in the business still face. Last Sunday, a passenger left a note for Capt. Carey Smith Steacy, a pilot of 17 years with WestJet, saying that the "cockpit is no place for a woman".

But it would seem Steacy would get the final say in the matter by making an appearance in the video, alongside with names like Lisa Raitt, Canada's Minister of Transport, and Roberta Bondar, Canada's first woman in space.

"We need more women in aviation and I hope you come join us. It's a great place to land," said Steacy.

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