03/09/2014 18:40 EDT | Updated 05/09/2014 05:59 EDT

2 more Lev Tahor members apprehended at Calgary airport

Two more Lev Tahor members have been apprehended at the Calgary International Airport.

Calgary police confirm a 17-year-old female and a five-month-old baby were apprehended under an Ontario judge's emergency order after members of the ultra-orthodox Jewish sect left the country with the children amid child custody proceedings.

Both the woman and the baby were subjects of that order and will be flown to Toronto shortly, according to Cst. Laura Bailly with the Calgary Police Service.

It's not known where they were flying from or to.

Early last week, an Ontario judge issued the emergency order saying that 13 Lev Tahor children be placed in the care of children's aid but police said Thursday those children had left the country.

However, nine members of the sect were returned Saturday after being stopped en route to Guatemala in Trinidad and Tobago.

Three adults were processed by the Canada Border Services Agency in Toronto and released while six children were returned to child protection officials.

The sect has been under investigation by child welfare authorities on issues related to hygiene, health, and allegations that the children weren't learning according to the provincial curriculum.

The group has denied all allegations of mistreatment.