03/10/2014 01:40 EDT | Updated 03/10/2014 07:59 EDT

Connor Green Fund Raises Thousands For Boy With Terminal Brain Cancer

Just a few weeks ago, Connor Green was your average three-year-old.

Then his world — and the world of his parents — was flipped on its head. He was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

As the news rocked Connor's parents Krista and Justin to the core, a group of friends rallied together to help the South Delta, B.C. family through this difficult time.

A YouCaring page called The Connor Fund was set up on March 5, and surpassed its fundraising goal of $2,000 within the first 10 hours (rounding out Monday morning with a whopping $33,200).

"The one thing I do know is that I would want to spend every waking moment with him and make sure every last moment counted," wrote the page's organizer.

"I'm hoping by us coming together, we can make that happen. Let's make it easier for them to forget work, forget everything except being by his side all day, all night."

A Facebook group called A Cause For Connor has also been set up, where friends and supporters can post silly photos and encouraging messages for Connor.

An update from Connor's parents was posted to the YouCaring page on Saturday:

Connor was quite happy yesterday. He had a little frind over, we had a meeting with the make a wish foundation, and he also go to ride his bid wheels INSIDE gramma and grandpas house. I brought over the bike because he is having a hard time walking now with the reduced steroids. The steroids were helping his brain from swelling,but part of his pallative treatment is to wean him off things that are keeping him alive and moving towards pain management. Pain has not been a problem thus far however this morning at 5am Connor woke up screaming with a terrible headache. It was awful to watch. I gave him tylenol as well as advil and within 10 minutes he stopped screaming. He has a lot of pressure in hisheaad. His spinal fluid is unable to to flow out of his brain properly because the tumour is in the way, so he has a lot of pressure and swelling in his head. I will see if the same thing happens tonite. If so, we will start morphine. Gramma heard him crying with me and came out to sit with us. He fell asleep on grammas shoulder and is now sleeping in his nice bed.

There are still 387 days left in the fundraising campaign.

Connor Green Fund

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story stated that the family was from Langley.