03/10/2014 02:16 EDT | Updated 03/10/2014 02:59 EDT

James O'Malley's Vacation Highlight Reel Is Very, Very Canadian (VIDEO)

James O'Malley may reside in the United Kingdom but he might as well be an honorary Canadian.

The London-based journalist recently made his first trip to the Great White North, according to his post on Medium. By the sounds of it, he wasn't sure what to expect.

"Before I landed here, Canada was more of an abstract idea than a place  —  somewhere that I’d only seen in films and on TV, mostly as a cheaper location double for somewhere in the United States," wrote O'Malley.

But after spending three weeks in Ontario, O'Malley condensed the highlights of his vacation — er, holiday — into a three-minute clip of all things Canadiana.

In the his video, he hangs out with a polar bear, moose, and "an extremely competitive hockey mom" in-between bouts of snowmobiling, ice fishing, dog sledding and driving on the ice road. The video's amassed nearly 400,000 views in two days after appearing on Reddit and YouTube.

O'Malley told Redditors he was in Northern Ontario for two weeks to meet his girlfriend's family and in Toronto for another week. But most readers were more interested with the amount of activities he managed to cram in 21 days.

"You did more exciting things in three weeks than my entire 23 year existence living in Toronto," wrote one user.

"I've lived in rural area of Canada my whole life, and 90% of this stuff I haven't done. Jealous. And I've never heard of kite skiing, and now want to try it," wrote another.

And while users applauded O'Malley's adventures, others said he had missed some quintessential experiences. And by that, we mean he didn't show himself eating poutine.

"As a Canadian, I approve....although not having poutine is a mark against this otherwise great video. Sorry."

Still, 50/51 experiences is still pretty good in our books.

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